Here’s how some of our members have used their Email•Minis

Check out our tips for using Email•Minis in your messages below


There are very many different browsers, apps, and filing systems in the world of the internet. And each user has a different skill at operating the system they have on their device. So it is difficult for Email•Minis to offer global advice that will help everybody. But here are a couple of tips.

Before you write a message, it is a good idea to browse through the Email•Minis library, and pick out a couple of images you like, and download them. This will give you a chance to see how your system works with Downloads. Please also note the title of each image, as it may help later.

When your device downloads an image from Email•Minis it will put it in a standard destination folder. This may be your Photo-Gallery, your Photo Stream, a folder in your File Management app, an album or folder marked Recents, or New, or Last Import. Hunt about a bit. If you can’t find it, input the image title into the Search function.

When you have located the image, you can call up a Menu of various Actions, usually by tapping and holding on the image itself or by clicking the Share button. Among the options you will find something like Add To Message, or Attach. If you cannot see some such option on the list that appears, please remember to click on the three dots which often indicate a menu of further Actions which may be hidden.

You can also work back from a message you have written to call up your chosen image, usually by clicking the icon in the message window that represents a photo or visual image as an attachment.

With good luck and patience you will soon be fluent in how your device deals with downloads and how you attach them to messages in Messenger, What’s App, email and other messaging systems. You may also wish to create a special folder or album on your device for all your Email•Minis so that you have them in one place at your finger-tips.

If you are still puzzled, the internet has a pool of advice specific to your device, and/or skill level. Try the much-loved For Dummies series, which guides you in both major operating systems.

If you are still finding it difficult, the best advice we have is for you to borrow a six-year-old from a friend, and watch how they do it.

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