A library of little witty images to freshen up your messages

More sophisticated than your silicon emojis

There are more than 450 images in the EMAIL•MINIS Library and you can use them over and over again.

Just because you have something important to say doesn’t mean you have to be boring about it
The EMAIL•MINIS Library is in categories for ease of use. Click the shoe for a taster of the kids category.
Access to the EMAIL•MINIS Library is restricted to Members only. The cost of joining is £10 per year, which also includes the continuing additions to the Library that are published throughout the year.

Click to register today and pay only £10 for full membership!

Ben Nash

Ben Nash


BEN NASH, who created Email•Minis is a late-developer. When he retired from his business (his company imported medicinal herbs from the Amazon Rainforests), he revisited an old passion – cartoon drawing. His themes today are as they have always been: food, health, nature and sex. His new library of witty hand-drawn images offers a charming, grown-up alternative to the smooth graphics of the emoji world.
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